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Why does Mexico celebrate Flag Day on February 24? This is its origin.

This February 24 Mexico will celebrate Flag Day, one of the three national symbols established by law; along with the shield and the national anthem.

The design
The current design of the Mexican flag was adapted on September 16, 1968, and since 1984 its use is regulated by the Ministry of the Interior.

The flag is segmented into three equal parts, each with a different color from the flagpole (green, white and red), in addition to having the coat of arms of Mexico in the center of the white strip.

Flag types
There are basically two types of the Mexican flag: the one commonly known for official use and another for civil use, which are regulated based on articles 3, 32 and 33 of the National Coat of Arms, Flag and Anthem Law.

The characteristic of the flag is that it must carry the model shield that has been reproduced in triplicate and submitted a replica in the General Archive of the Nation, another in the National Museum of History and another replica in the Mint.

Meaning of the colors
Although there is no official meaning, colors are popularly associated as follows:

Green: The independence of Spain.

White: Representing religion (Catholic faith) and the purity of the ideals of the people.

Red: symbolizing the union between Europeans and Americans.

Over the years, the meaning changed by the secularization of the country, led by the liberals of the time, including former president Benito Juarez.

Green: Hope.

White: Unit.

Red: The blood of national heroes.

What does the shield mean?
The National Shield is composed of a Mexican eagle. The animal poses its left claw on a cactus that is born from a rock that is born from a lake.

The eagle devours a snake, while several prickly pear cactus branches to the sides.

The shield is also composed of two branches; one of oak on the front of the eagle and another of laurel on the opposite side, which together forms a lower semicircle and is joined by means of a ribbon divided into three strips.

Why do we celebrate the flag on February 24?
This day is celebrated because it coincides with the day of 1821 when all Mexicans joined to form the Army of the Three Guarantees, as proposed by the Iguala Plan created by Agustín de Iturbide, where he declared Mexico as an independent country.

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