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Van Gogh Alive opens its doors in Mexico

After more than 40 days assembling the traveling expo, Van Gogh Alive The Experience will begin its season in Mexico City on Thursday, February 20, at the Monumento a la Madre.

After successfully traveling to more than 60 cities around the world, Van Gogh Alive arrives in Mexico with the immersive gallery in which this unique multimedia show takes place.

More than 500 people, including technicians, artists, illuminators, designers and volunteers, have worked daily for a month and a half to carry out the assembly and creation of the experiences that accompany the exhibition.

Van Gogh Alive uses more than 50 high-definition projectors to display on walls, ceilings, and floors the images of Van Gogh’s works accompanied by a classic soundtrack and the aromas and essences that inspired the painter in the different stages of his life.

Together with the multisensory experience, the Mexican public can enjoy various activations inside the immersive gallery, thanks to the support of the sponsoring brands led by the production of Must Wanted Group.

In addition to the exhibition that has broken a record of visits around the world, Mexicans can enjoy interactive experiences such as the Bedroom of Van Gogh in Arles, the coffee of the Place du Forum, an illuminated field of sunflowers, and even walking under the starry Night.

All these experiences have been designed and reinterpreted by Mexican artists and talent.

This is a multisensory experience created by Grande Exhibitions with SENSORY4 technology, made for Mexico by Must Wanted Group.

Van Gogh Alive MX will be presented from February 20 until May 31 at the Monumento a la Madre of Mexico City, located at the junction of Insurgentes and Reforma.

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