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The largest tamale in the world: it measures half a kilometer

With about 5,000 tamales, 475 linear meters, different flavors and following popular traditions, in the south of Mexico the largest assembled tamale in the world was made, which will seek to enter the Guinness record next year.

“It’s the first time this event is done and I loved it, but I want more tamales made, I only made 200,” said Rangelis Arzaga, participant of the first Tamale Festival in Acapulco, a coastal city in the state of Guerrero.

Día de la Candelaria, which is celebrated on February 2, is one of the most important traditions of Mexico, dating from the arrival of the Spaniards to the Mexica territory.

During the Conquest and evangelization, the friars mixed the pre-Hispanic and Catholic traditions, to give way to rites with unique characteristics and left the tamales as part of the Candelaria festival, which takes place almost a month after the Day of Kings.

Traditional Tamales, red and green chicken and pork, lined the street of Costera Miguel Alemán, one of the main streets of Acapulco.

Sailfish, mussels, beans, cheese, chipil, holy and sweet grass were the combinations made by the participants of this festival, where restaurants, hoteliers, non-governmental institutions, students, and traditional tamales cooks were able to break the record.

“It is intended to rescue traditions, it is also proposed to bring together Acapulco families and tourists who accompany us for recreation activities,” said the Secretary of Social Development, Milly Janeth Ramírez Olmedo.

Among those present, foreign tourists caught the attention of the spectators, since their astonishment at this dish wrapped in Banana leaf was unique.

“It’s something impressive, I don’t know what it is but I want more,” said a tourist among them from Italy. For Angel, a tourist from Mexico City, the experience of the first time in the port was unmatched when trying tamales of Seafood, since it’s not a common dish found in the capital city.

“The clam with red marinade were my favorites, too bad they ran out, ” he said.

Free of charge and with an investment of around 300,000 pesos ($15,966), the tamales were tasted by the hundreds of people who came together early to enjoy this meal.

“From 4.30 in the afternoon we arrived to grab a good place and get more tamales because they smell very rich,” said Diana Laura Ramos from Acapulqueña.

“I have verified consecutively that there are 475 linear meters of tamale prepared”, noted the notary public number 13, Arturo Betancourt Sotelo, who certified the historical event.

In 1996, Acapulco entered the Guinness record with the largest Kings Bread in the world, measuring 10 kilometers long.

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