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The arrival of coronavirus in Mexico is imminent

After the World Health Organization declared an international emergency for the coronavirus, authorities of the Ministry of Health (SSa) said that the arrival of the virus to Mexico is imminent.

At a press conference together with Mexican Health authorities, Jean Marc Gabastou, WHO’s international health emergency advisor, said that after the international emergency declaration, China is obliged to inform others in real-time about the deadly virus.

He said that China has to accelerate all measures of containment, isolation, and treatment of the coronavirus.

According to the authorities of the Ministry of Health (SSa) that participated in the conference, it is imminent that cases of Chinese coronavirus occur in Mexico; they said it is a national security issue.

“The transmission mechanism that the coronavirus has is similar to that of influenza, when the transmission mechanism is aerial, which is transmitted from one sick person to another,” so “the chances of infection are really high” said José Luis Alomía, general director of Epidemiology at the SSa.

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