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Survey shows that 78% of Mexicans have seen their income reduced by COVID-19

A survey carried out by the Latin American Strategic Center for Geopolitics (Celag) revealed that 78% of Mexicans stated that their income has decreased due to the economic crisis sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic.

56% of respondents indicated that their income has partially decreased, while 21% stated that they have stopped receiving income “in full”. They also reported that seven out of ten Mexicans have reduced the consumption of various products as a result of the crisis.

The Celag survey seeks to demonstrate the perception of the economic crisis and its damages among the Mexican population. For the results, 2,000 telephone interviews were conducted between May 21 and June 15.

The majority of respondents, two thirds, believe that those with “more resources” should contribute more to combat the economic and health crisis caused by the coronavirus: specifically, in favor of a tax on higher concentrations of wealth to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic.

On other issues, four out of ten participants believe that Mexico is going through a “profound transformation”. In addition, six out of ten proclaimed themselves in favor of government intervention to overcome social injustices.

The perception of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was also evaluated in the survey: 55% of Mexicans have a positive view of the president and 40% a negative image.

One of the questions revealed that more than half of Mexicans believe that not all of the country’s politicians are corrupt, while in another question half have no “sympathy” for any political party.

However, the party of President López Obrador, Movimiento Regeneración Nacional (Morena), had the lead with 25%, while the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the National Action Party (PAN) had an inclination of 8% and 7%, respectively.

Regarding the assessment of the image of United States President Donald Trump, the vast majority have a negative perception with 87 percent: only 4% have a favorable view of President Trump.

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