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Riots at Colima and Chalco prisons leave several injured

At around noon, the inmates of the Colima State Social Reintegration Center orchestrated a riot that left at least four inmates injured.

According to prisoners, at around 12 o’clock, gunshots were heard and a column of smoke was seen emanating from inside the prison.

The preliminary official information from the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) detailed that the origin of the riot was due to visitation restrictions as part of the prevention measures to avoid more contagions from coronavirus (COVID-19).

Inmates burned garbage and pieces of wood, which caused the column of smoke, so security forces fired tear gas to contain the inmates.

Several Red Cross ambulances arrived at the scene to transport the wounded, along with firefighters from Colima to control fires inside the prison.

Two of the prisoners had injuries in the abdomen area, one more on the skull and thorax; as well as another on the skull.

In videos recorded by the inmates circulate on social networks, it is observed how some of the inmates went up to the roofs of Cereso. Others are running and apparent gunshots can be heard.

Relatives of the inmates gathered around the prison to learn about the situation.

So far the Government of Colima has not given more information, only announced that when the situation is controlled, the information will be given.

Minutes later, elements of the State Public Security Secretariat arrived; The State Police, the Mexican Army, and the National Guard are working to contain the attempted riot.

Earlier in the day, the Huitzilzingo prison in the municipality of Chalco, State of Mexico, there was a quarrel between 10 inmates of cellblock 5, according to a report by the Secretariat of Security (SS) of the State of Mexico.

The Penitentiary Center said through a statement that the cause was personal differences among the inmates, so they applied the protocols to restore order in the prison a few minutes later, without any major consequences being recorded.

However, after the brawl, four inmates were transferred to a local hospital for medical attention due to the beatings they suffered. None of the injured is reported in serious condition, so it is expected that they will be returned to the prison.

Due to the quarrel, relatives of the inmates went to the prison facilities to demand reports on their relatives being held, several tried to enter by force, another group of them stationed themselves on the Chalco-Mixquic highway to prevent vehicular circulation, but after being attended to, they began to disperse from the site.

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