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Oaxaca postpones Guelaguetza 2020 until December due to COVID-19

It has long been estimated that the coronavirus pandemic in Mexico will last until the last months of 2020. Given this, the state of Oaxaca made the decision that the Guelaguetza, one of the most popular cultural events in the country, be postponed until the month of December.

10 days ago, the governor of Oaxaca, Alejandro Murat, called on Oaxacans to carry out total isolation to mitigate the current coronavirus pandemic that Mexico has been experiencing since February 28.

However, so far the red light for the number of deaths and infections of COVID-19 permeates most of the Mexican states, including Oaxaca, where the governor decided that at the end of the year it would be evaluated if the conditions of the pandemic in the country will allow them to carry out an event of this nature.

The popular event is normally held between July 20 and 27 where events are held that celebrate the art, customs, sports and Oaxacan culture in the famous festival.

Along with this measure, other important data for the management of the state in the remainder of the pandemic were also announced.

He shared that a weekly broadcast of the development of the pandemic in Oaxaca by the governor himself would be implemented to publicize “what color of traffic light we are in.”

However, he stressed that until now the state is still at a red pandemic traffic light so that only activities considered essential, in addition to mining, construction, and industrial plants, can be carried out.

The governor asked the secretaries of Tourism and Economy to coordinate with the commerce, hotel and gastronomic sectors so that the protocols for the gradual opening can be implemented in the following weeks.

To date, 3,778 confirmed cases of coronavirus have been reported in Oaxaca, out of 6,999 that have been notified to the authorities, and 343 deaths from the COVID-9 disease.

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