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Miss Colombia protests during beauty contest in Mexico

During the Miss Global beauty pageant, which was held last weekend in Oaxaca, Colombian participant Jesenia Orozco accused the organizers of corruption.

The Colombian said the contest was a fraud, “This is a fraud! There is immense corruption in Mexico and it is not fair, what they are doing here is not correct. It is disrespectful to all the women who are here. They have to be fair… corruption is unacceptable, disrespect, lack of dignity are unacceptable and I don’t accept it,” she said.

The participant was angry because of the changes that were introduced in the elimination phases so she was outraged and lashed out against the organizers of the contest.

According to the Miss Global regulations, 10 participants had to qualify for the semifinals but the president of the competition, Van Pham, added a contestant to the semifinals, which caused discomfort for Colombian.

However, at another stage more participants were added than normal, so in the parade seven more candidates appeared, having as finalists 18 women.

Orozco said a sponsor had paid for Miss Mexico to be crowned, after the decision the public was enraged to such an extent that the jurors decided to elect the Czech representative Karolina Kokesova as the winner.

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