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Mexico’s confirms 4,577 new coronavirus infections and 759 deaths today

On the 22nd day of the return to the “new normal”, a strategy that aims to achieve the orderly, and gradual reopening of the economic, social and educational life of Mexico, the Ministry of Health (SSa) reported on the progress of the epidemic by COVID-19 in the country.

According to the data from the agency, in Mexico, there are 22,584 deaths, with 759 new deaths added today. There are 185,122 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 4,577 new cases documented today. Additionally, 1,874 suspicious deaths were recorded.

From the National Palace, José Luis Alomía, director of Epidemiology, said that 23,155 active infections have been registered, which means that these patients presented symptoms in the last 14 days.

In addition, the official reported that America remains the continent most affected by the pandemic, since it is home to 54.9% of active cases in the world, or 1,059,132 cases, while Europe stands at 14.2%, 273,089 cases.

Based on the figures by state, the data shows that Mexico City continues to record the highest number of infections and deaths nationwide, with 42,903 and 5,515, respectively.

The numbers reported by the Federal Government only offer a snapshot of COVID-19 in the country. Federal data is only gathered from 890 public hospitals in Mexico, cases within private hospitals and laboratories are not reported by the Federal Government.

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