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Mexico records 149 deaths from influenza

Mexico has reported 3,279 positive cases of influenza, of which 149 people have died from the virus this season, according to the epidemiological report of week 6 of the Federal Ministry of Health.

The entities with the highest number of deaths are Mexico City (18), Hidalgo (15), Jalisco (12), Veracruz (11) and San Luis Potosí (9), which together account for 43.6 percent of total deaths.

The state of Jalisco placed third nationally in deaths caused by influenza when it reached 12, which represented an increase of 100% in one week, because, until January 31, only six had been reported.

Probable cases in Jalisco registered a significant rebound, going from 1,635 to 1,900 and with respect to confirmed cases, Jalisco went from 132 to 181.

In the epidemiological week six of 2019, 13 deaths from influenza and 1,083 confirmed cases had occurred in Jalisco, according to the same report from the federal authority.

The Ministry of Health stated in the epidemiological report that virus A (H1N1) predominates in confirmed cases and no antigenic changes or changes in virulence have been detected and the virus has not shown resistance to oseltamivir, the most common drug to treat respiratory diseases.

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