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Mexico City prepares for spike in COVID-19 cases after residents ignored isolation orders during Mother’s Day

In Mexico City, a total of 9,737 confirmed cases of coronaviruses are reported, which means that 27% of the total diagnoses in the country are concentrated in the capital.

For Mother’s Day, federal and local authorities made a call to avoid celebrations because the holiday corresponded with the projected peak of the virus.

But the measures were not followed by many people in the capital city. The government of Mexico City detected an increase in the mobility of the population during the weekend and also recorded that there were lines to buy food, flowers, and cakes.

“We have to assess how people circulating on May 10 will impact the peak of infections,” explained Olivia López Arellano, head of the Mexico City Health Secretariat.

What happened over the weekend, according to the official, will be evaluated for the consequences according to the epidemiological model that has been developed, and it will also be a point for the government to consider for the progressive return of activities.

Easter was the last holiday in which the government unsuccessfully asked citizens not to celebrate and registered greater mobility of people, and resulted in accelerated contagion of the virus.

Until the May 10 report from the capital government, there are 2,660 patients who are hospitalized and 914 people intubated. Meanwhile, 2,352 people have recovered.

According to the figures obtained, the local government foresees that the critical week in hospital occupation will be the third week of May. “The whole month of May is very critical and that is why we continue to insist that people stay at home and limit their mobility for essential activities,” said the Ministry of Health.

Hospital occupancy in Mexico City averages 75%, according to local authorities. Some hospitals continue to increase their capacity to care for patients with coronavirus.

“Hospital demand is growing, but also hospital reconversion and availability of beds is also growing day by day,” reported the official.

The Ministry of Health announced in its latest report that Mexico City has a 74% general hospital occupancy and 63% are occupying ventilated beds.

Until April 24, it was reported that in the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valley of Mexico it had a total of 1,800 beds in intensive care and that by the third week of May the capacity would be increased to 3,000 units.

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