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Mexican food transformed a dangerous area in the US

Sergio Valdivia is one of those people who managed to recover and transform a space that seemed to have no salvation. Sunset Boulevard was an area full of gangs with a high crime rate, located west of Los Angeles. But Sergio’s creativity and struggle managed to make him one of the most visited neighborhoods.

Here, Tacos Delta inaugurated its flavors as an immigrant and Mexican restaurant, which opened the doors to an entire generation of undocumented immigrants at that time.

Sergio, like many Mexican families, left behind everything he had to go in search of a better place in the United States.

“I came to the United States for the first time at age 18 with my mother. Since I arrived here I worked as a waiter, then as a cook. The situation was difficult, so I returned to Mexico defeated, but there the situation was worse. I wanted to start a business but they robbed me, I was in debt and on the street. So I went back to the United States to get the money.”

Sergio returned to California and ran into a great offer that he couldn’t refuse, it was the sale of a store located, now, on the famous avenue. But the road was not easy, Sunset Boulevard was dangerous and full of gang violence. This did not stop Sergio’s ideal, and little by little he knew how to win over his neighbors and transform the area into a safe space where everyone gathered, thanks to Mexican food.

Over time, Sergio was able to pay for the studies of all his children and get his ideal to change the environment of the place. In fact, to celebrate his legacy, Mexican muralist Claudio Limón painted a mural. Which highlights its Mexican origin.

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