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Maroon 5 starts its Latin American tour with three concerts in Mexico

“We’re on our way, see you soon,” Maroon 5 posted on their social media to their fans in Mexico, which kicks off their Latin American tour starting February 23 and 24 in Mexico City.

Led by vocalist Adam Levine, the band’s last concert in Mexico was in 2018, and now they return during their seventh tour promoting the single “Memories”, which is dedicated to Levine’s former manager, Jordan Feldstein, who died in December 2017.

Karla Muñoz, a fan of Maroon 5 in Mexico, thanked the group for opening a second date after the first day sold out before she was able to buy tickets. “What I like most is his energy on stage, Adam has everything necessary to make any concert unforgettable. It’s the third time I’m going to see them and I wouldn’t miss it for anything,” she wrote on social networks.

The performers of songs like “Sugar”, “She will be loved”, “This love”, “Sunday morning” or “Animals” have been three-time winners of the Grammy awards.

After their concerts in Mexico, the group will go to Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia, and then start the second part of the tour in various cities in the United States and Canada.

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