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Leon serves up 780 meters of Rosca de Reyes

The palate of hundreds of people in Leon was spoiled with the distribution of the traditional mega-Rosca de Reyes that had a dimension of approximately 780 meters.

In the neighborhood of San Juan de Dios, they were the first to taste the traditional holiday bread; where about 308 meters of bread was delivered. In addition, the attendees enjoyed live music.

The rest of the Rosca de Reyes was distributed in the Main Square of the city, where the mayor of León, Héctor López Santillana, and various municipal authorities delivered the traditional bread.

For the preparation of the mega-bread, 980 kilograms of flour, 200 of sugar, 350 of margarine, 50 of butter, 300 liters of egg, 89 kilos of icing sugar and 180 kilos of sweets were used.

In addition, on January 6, 1,050 Rosa de Reyes will be distributed to families living in rural communities and development estates in the municipality.

The Rosca de Reyes, roscón or Rosco de Reyes is a festive sweet bread in a round or oval shape, adorned with slices of crystallized or candied fruit. The Roscones de Reyes are also called: biscuit, cake or sweet bread to celebrate the three wise men, who play an important part in Mexico’s holiday celebrations.

The celebration of the Day of Kings to split the Rosca de Reyes is a Mexican tradition that takes place every year bringing together close friendships, whether they are family, friends or co-workers in offices or houses. This meeting is usually held a few days before January 6 in offices or places outside the house and for family gatherings they are held at home on January 6 in the afternoon, Epiphany day or appearance of the Magi : Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar.

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