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“La mesa herida”, the lost work of Frida Kahlo has reappeared, sort of

“La mesa herida” (EN: The Wounded Table), a lost painting by Frida Kahlo, has resurfaced once again. On all previous occasions, none of those who claimed to have the painting presented any evidence or presented the famous artwork to the public.

The newspaper “La voz de Galicia” published information on Saturday suggesting that the painting had appeared and would be sold. The media assures that “La mesa herida”, “the main work of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and the greatest exponent of surrealism”, has been put up for sale by a Galician art dealer from Rianxo, Cristian López Márquez, who represents the interests of the owner, a Mexican settled in Europe.

López Márquez does not give the name of the owner and does not present the work to the public. Not presenting the work is contrary to the “transparent” processes of buying and selling art; at least it’s suspicious.

Instead, he hopes that the work will be acquired for a sum of between 40 to 50 million euros: “The owner seeks a buyer within European art circles, in which large collectors of works are made with paintings of this style” Cristian López told the Spanish newspaper. According to the media, the dealer owns the company The Billion Art, dedicated to the sale and purchase of works of art.

“La mesa herida”, now disappeared, has been considered one of the artist’s most important paintings; It is said to be 1.2 meters tall by 2.4 meters long, and that the last time it was seen was in 1955, after Diego Rivera requested it for an exhibition in Poland.

It was a work of exceptional size, because for health reasons, much of the time the painting was done from bed, in adapted easels designed to allow the artist to continue her work. The most important exception to this is “Las dos Fridas”, which is owned by the Museum of Modern Art, and which is another large painting by the artist.

According to records from the Dolores Olmedo Museum, there are 248 works by Kahlo, including oils, drawings, and newspaper pages. Kahlo did not have an abundant production of paintings – they are not more than 200 – and this makes it possible to have more clarity of what they were, where they are, or if they are lost.

A decade ago, in Michoacán, a collector named José Antonio Castelazo assured that he owned five Frida Kahlo oils, among them, the”La mesa herida” painting.

Art critics Teresa del Conde and Raquel Tibol (now deceased) questioned the authenticity of that painting.

A year ago, investigations into a purchase-sale contract for “La mesa herida” reached the Attorney General of the state of Morelos. On June 20, a person had come to the General Legal Directorate of the State Government Secretariat to carry out the apostille procedure of two notarial documents with which he intended to take the work to London, England. The painting’s value was then said to be $ 20 million.

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