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Kidnappings in Mexico increase during January

The number of victims of kidnapping in Mexico increased by 32.2% in a single month during January, when 123 cases were registered compared to 93 in December 2020, the NGO Alto al Secuestro reported this Wednesday.

In addition, the number of investigations started increased by 7.5%, from 79 in December to 85 in the first month of 2021.

According to the figures released by the organization, the number of detainees related to the crime of kidnapping in Mexico decreased by 1% with a total of 98 compared to the 99 alleged perpetrators in the last month of 2020.

The states with the highest incidence of kidnapping in January 2021 are the State of Mexico and Veracruz, with 12 each; Guanajuato with 7 and Mexico City with 6.

On the other hand, the kidnapping rate per 100,000 inhabitants reflects that the states with the highest incidence are Quintana Roo, Zacatecas, Morelos, Aguascalientes, and Veracruz.

With more favorable data, the states that did not report kidnappings in the first month of the year were Colima, Durango, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Nayarit, Querétaro, and Yucatán.

The organization Stop the Kidnapping denounced that in January, “historically” they had a greater number of victims in kidnappings that have not been reported by the State Prosecutor’s Offices or Attorneys.

“57.7% of the victims will not be considered by the authorities as victims of kidnapping,” they stated in a statement.

According to the NGO, of the 85 kidnappings that occurred in January 2021, the authorities only counted 46.

“It is alarming since we do not have a real figure to implement strategies and make public policy decisions to eradicate this crime that damages society,” said the NGO.

The organization counted 3,302 cases of kidnappings between December 1, 2018, and January 31, 2021, with Veracruz being the state with the highest number (692), followed by the State of Mexico (560) and the Mexico City (296).

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