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Inflatable hospital in Mexico will treat coronavirus infections if needed

Even as Mexico’s government insists there is nothing to see here in regards to the coronavirus COVID-19 in Mexico, the State of Hidalgo has installed an inflatable hospital in its capital in case it’s required in a possible national health emergency.

The “construction” started on Saturday and will conclude in about 72 hours, according to reports. It is an area with nine modules, with a total area of 1,800 square meters and capacity for 40 beds and 10 intensive care spaces.

This mobile unit was acquired in 2014 when the state suffered a cholera outbreak. Although its installation with the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 is more a preventive measure, according to the Secretary of Health, Marco Antonio Escamilla.

The inflatable hospital is reminiscent of the actions carried out by the Chinese government, although they are not fully comparable: in Wuhan, a hospital was built with 25,000 square meters in just 10 days, capable of housing more than 1,000 beds and about 1,400 employees. This was built on the basis of prefabricated modules and even has two floors.

The situation in China with confirmed cases is also not comparable to that of Mexico. As of Saturday, March 14, there were 41 confirmed cases of COVID-19 coronavirus in Mexico, of which, at the moment, none are in Hidalgo.

The inflatable hospital will open next Tuesday, March 17, although first, it will go through its respective review by the State Commission against Health Risks.

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