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Game cancelled at Jalisco Stadium due to homophobic shouts

The Jalisco Stadium became the first of Mexican football venues banned because of homophobic screams. The punishment of a match by the Disciplinary Commission was announced on Monday, so Jalisco Atlas must play its next MX League match, against Xolos de Tijuana on January 31, behind closed doors. The punishment was reached for the first time since the rule was modified in order to end the commonly shouted homophobic phrase at football games in Mexico.

“The Disciplinary Commission informs that it has determined to sanction with a veto match to the Jalisco Stadium for the Atlas vs Tijuana match (Day 4, January 31), of the Clausura 2020 Tournament; in follow-up to the protocol defined for offensive actions, due to the behavior of the spectators in the gallery during the meeting of day 2 between the Atlas and the Puebla”, the statement said.

Last Friday, during the meeting between Atlas and Puebla, the red-and-white fans repeatedly exploded with the forbidden shout of “hey, puto,” translated to ‘hay faggot’ in English. When the visiting goalkeeper, Nicolás Vikonis, was about to take a throw-in, the stands joined in one voice. Given what happened, the referee Adonai Escobedo continued with the protocol established by the new regulation for this type of situation.

On the first shout, a recommendation was made over the loudspeaker to discontinue the chants. At the second warning, the whistle briefly stopped the chants. The chants started again for the third time and the referee sent the teams to the locker room, to stop the game for a longer period.

After a few minutes, the game resumed but the cry that FIFA has labeled as homophobic exploded once again. It was the last moments of the match that Atlas lost 1-0 against Puebla. In the fourth instance of the chant, the crowd was told that the case would be taken to the Disciplinary Commission to establish the punishment.

The regulation establishes a veto match for the stadium whenever the homophobic chants are used. Thus, Atlas will have to play behind closed doors due to the actions of their fans.

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