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Fire consumes four chemical companies in Nuevo León

Fire at four companies, where chemicals and easily combustion products were stored, caused dozens of employees and neighbors to be evacuated on Friday night in García, Nuevo León. At least five workers were burned and transferred to area hospitals.

Civil Protection of Nuevo León reported that the affected industrial plants, which cover an area of ​​approximately ten thousand square meters, are JE Industrial Químicos, where the fire originated, as well as Porcelanite, Rincón de Limpieza and IBG, where the fire spread out of control.

The fire started around 9:30 p.m. and was active for several hours, requiring the participation of dozens of firefighters from the metropolitan area, Civil Protection corporations from the State and the municipality of García, as well as the support of members of the Civil Force, the García municipal police, crews from the Federal Electricity Commission, Water and Drainage Services and the gas company.

The property where the incident occurred is located on the Northwest Bypass and Abraham Lincoln Avenue, in the Parque Industrial de García neighborhood, Nuevo León. During the incident, five people suffered second and third-degree burns, of which three went to the University Hospital and two to the Zona Hospital of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

Preliminary reports indicate that the fire apparently originated from an accumulation of gas that caused an explosion in the JE Industrial Quimicos company, and from there it spread to three other industrial plants.

The Civil Protection of the State reported that several families who live near the damaged property, as well as 25 workers from the Multicerámica company, and twelve people from the Plaza Motel were preemptively evacuated.

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