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Employee of the Presidency of Mexico dies from COVID-19

A worker from the Citizen Attention Office of the Presidency of Mexico died Monday of coronavirus in the capital.

According to the federal government, the public servant of approximately 40 years of age registered the first symptoms last weekend and was admitted to a hospital.

He worked in the offices of the National Palace in the Historic Center of Mexico City and, according to Reforma, attended to citizens with requests for the access door located on Calle de Correo Mayor. The employee was not working actively when he registered the symptoms of COVID-19: the Citizen Attention office has been closed since Phase 3 of the pandemic was declared in the country.

“It should be noted that the personnel assigned to said area are working at their homes in compliance with the social distancing measures established by the health authorities, so the General Directorate of Citizen Attention implemented duty shifts to attend to essential matters related to their functions,” the government reported in its press release today.

The General Directorate of Citizen Attention, where the government employee worked, is an office attached to the General Coordination of Policy and Government of the Presidency of the Republic. The objective of the area is to receive requests and process demands from citizens and groups that demonstrate in the National Palace or require requests or procedures.

The agency also processes petitions delivered to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador across the country .

The press release of the Government of Mexico on Tuesday also stated that “The Ministry of Health, through the General Directorate of Epidemiology, carried out the study of contacts, and so far there have been no more suspicious cases among the members of the General Directorate of Citizen Attention, including its manager, Leticia Ramírez Amaya”.

“We extend condolences to family, friends, and colleagues for this unfortunate loss,” the government notice concluded.

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