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Consumption of ultra-processed foods increases in Mexico

In Mexico, the consumption of ultra-processed foods is growing. These foods are harmful to health because they contain high levels of saturated fat, such as sugar and salt.

Eating ultra-processed foods increases the risk of cancer of the gastrointestinal tract and can be associated with obesity. This type of nutrients can also cause heart problems, arteriosclerosis, cellular degeneration and premature aging.

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) there is an increase in the consumption of processed products, fast food and a drastic reduction in natural nutrients. According to the food classification, households in the Mexican Republic distributed 47 percent of their spending on protein foods of animal origin; 35 percent to the compounds of calories, carbohydrates and fats; 15 percent to foods with vitamins and minerals; and 2.6 percent to products of plant origin.

According to a study called Ultra-processed foods and beverages in Latin America: sales, forts, nutrient profiles and regulatory implications prepared by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Mexico is only below Chile in sales of products with high caloric content and low nutritional content. PAHO points to the country’s food environment as a cause of overweight and obesity.

The specialist said, people could visit a nutritionist to guide them on how to lead a healthy and balanced diet without ultra-processed nutrients, “there are many natural foods that have the same or better taste.”

In a study published on April 3, 2019, The Lancet magazine mentioned, Mexico is one of the countries that consume more sugary drinks and unhealthy ultra-processed foods. In contrast to this, Mexico is a world leader in fresh fruits and vegetables farming and production.

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