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Coahuila reaches 630 cases of COVID-19

The state of Coahuila reached 630 cases of COVID-19 on Monday morning, when two new infections were detected in the cities of Torreón and Frontera.

According to the state Health Secretariat, there are currently 26 hospitalized patients, while the deaths remain at 53.

In the case of Torreón, there are already 120 infections that have been accounted for during the pandemic, and that places the municipality as the second most affected by the virus, only behind Monclova, where 273 cases are reported this Monday.

In the next few hours, the announcement of the governor, Miguel Riquelme, is scheduled for the start of the gradual reopening of businesses and industries, defending the dates according to the different lines.

Meanwhile, all the restrictive measures decreed in Coahuila continue in force.

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