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Clinic in Mexicali closed for selling COVID-19 ‘cure’

A Mexicali clinic was closed after it was reported for selling an alleged cure to COVID-19, and was legally backed by former PRI governor candidate Enrique Acosta Fregoso.

The Governor of Baja California, Jaime Bonilla, and the local Health Secretary, Alonso Pérez Rico, detailed that the center called “Ríos Medical Unit” charged $10,000 pesos to ” cure ” positive patients of the coronavirus, more serious cases were charged upwards of $50,000 pesos for the ‘cure’.

In his daily videoconference, the Governor presented images of the moment where authorities closed the center, where the former candidate is legally defending the clinic at the time of the suspension where there were also patients inside.

Governor Bonilla Valdez described the former candidate as a totally discredited person as a politician and lawyer, in addition to lending himself to legally defend individuals and companies involved in illegal acts.

Secretary Pérez Rico explained that at the time of the closure, medical personnel were asked what the alleged drugs consisted of, which no one was able to identify the ingredients being ingested by patients at the clinic, so it was closed and the former political candidate was announced as the legal counsel of the clinic.

The health minister stressed to the public that so far there are no cures for COVID-19, in addition to detailing that the clinic had been reported several times by residents of Baja California.

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