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Boy looking for his lost dog with drawings because he has no photos

Who wouldn’t do the impossible to recover their lost pet? That’s the story of a child in Toluca, State of Mexico, that went viral to show how this boy will move the sky, sea, and land to find his best four-legged friend, a Doxin, lost a few weeks ago.

The 11-year-old boy, named José Miguel, didn’t have a photo of his pet to scatter in the streets on “wanted” signs, so he decided to draw a picture of his beloved dog in hopes someone would recognize the dog and return him.

The dog, Estrella, disappeared in the municipality of San Felipe Tlalmimilopan, and to find her, Miguel already drew more than 15 posters where he shaped the face of his dog, aided by his creativity and images he found on the internet.

The story of the little boy went viral on social networks thanks to Toluca residents who have seen the posters and shared them on social networks. In addition, the cousin of the child also published one of the images on his Twitter account.

“My cousin made the drawings, he lost his dog a few days ago in San Felipe Tlalmimilolpan, Toluca Edo. Mexico,” commented the young woman on Twitter.

Now, the boy just waits for someone to recognize the pet and return it to its small owner, who has not lost hope that his dog will be found.

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