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Amnesty International requests meeting with Mexico’s President in the face of human rights crisis

Amnesty International (AI) published an open letter on Wednesday to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in which they request a meeting and express concerns about the government’s response to the human rights crisis facing Mexico.

“While the Government has taken some steps in the field of human rights, these are still insufficient to seriously address the crisis the country has been facing for many years,” said Amnesty International Director for the Americas, Erika Guevara-Rosas .

According to a newsletter, Guevara-Rosas said it is “worrisome” how López Obrador, of the leftist National Regeneration Movement (Morena), “belittles” the role of human rights defenders.

“Or see how the National Guard is used to prevent the passage of migrants and refugees, or to continue with failed militarized public security strategies of past administrations in the face of the wave of homicides and femicides,” said Guevara-Rosas.

Therefore, the representative of AI urged the president that instead of “evading responsibility and attacking the people and organizations that signal the crisis” of Mexico, focus on approaching “civil society to find solutions to this serious situation “.

For more than four decades, AI has denounced human rights violations in Mexico. Since the beginning of the current Government, in December 2018, the organization has registered some specific advances in human rights, especially recognizing the efforts that have been made on the issue of missing persons.

“The request for a meeting with the president responds to an invitation to a meeting that he himself made to the organization when he was a candidate for the presidency of Mexico. And it is proposed in order to help address the human rights crisis in the country, ”said Amnesty International Mexico’s executive director, Tania Reneaum.

“It is important that the president hears the proposals we have from civil society to curb the human rights crisis in the country, which unfortunately translates into a high cost in lives and other serious violations of human rights every day,” she added.

In December 2019, Amnesty International published a balance sheet of the state of human rights during the first year of the Government of President López Obrador.

The report, entitled “When words are not enough,” denounced that the country, one year after López Obrador’s mandate, continued to be mired in a human rights crisis, and pointed out especially the growing gender violence after “insufficient” policies to address the issues.

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