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A new position has been created at companies across Mexico; COVID Officer

As long as a coronavirus vaccine ( COVID-19 ) is not available, Mexicans will have to adapt to a “new normal” that consists of following a series of strict sanitary measures that will allow them to have a staggered return to their activities.

For this reason, countless companies in Mexico have seen the need to create a new position exclusively dedicated to serving and monitoring this problem: the COVID Officer or Supervisor of Hygiene.

According to Dr. David Merino, general coordinator of the Research, Analysis, and Opinion Group of the Chamber of Deputies, this position will have a temporary function that could become permanent.

Even though the health committees must always be present in the companies, for the specialist, the work of this position is based on planning the necessary actions for the correct implementation of sanitary measures, keeping up to date on instructions from the authorities, knowing the laws and regulations related to work and health activities, train staff on new hygiene measures and supervise that all protocols are followed.

For several days, on platforms such as LinkedIn, Neuvoo and Computrabajo, announcements of this vacancy can be found by companies of all kinds, with the aim of following and complying with the measures imposed by the Ministry of Health (Ssa) for the resumption of business.

Its main task is to ensure the implementation of close communication strategies so that all the changes established in the return to the offices become part of the corporate culture in the ‘new normal’. All through “educating” employees to follow hygiene measures is not only for compliance with regulations, but is preserving health.

Whoever is in charge of this work must have creative thinking that builds training courses according to the elements required by the different departments of the organization.

According to the last report of the Secretary of Health, in Mexico, there have been 175,202 accumulated cases of COVID-19, as well as 20,781 deaths.

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