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50 million people participated in “macrosimulacro” earthquake in Mexico

An estimated 50 million people participated in a “macrosimulacro” of an earthquake exceeding 7.0 in intensity in Mexico City and major cities across the country, said the head of Security and Citizen Protection, Alfonso Durazo.

The large-scale simulation serves to test plans and response programs of the different instances against earthquakes that may put the population at risk, said the official at the National Guard Intelligence Center facilities
“We have the participation in 100,000 properties with an occupation of 7 million people, in the 32 states of the Republic and in almost 2,000 municipalities,” said the senior federal official.

On the part of the Government of Mexico, “25,000 properties that are occupied by 2.4 million people participated among public officials and users of the services provided by the federal government in these facilities,” said the head of the Security cabinet.

They also conducted the simulation with 36 dependencies and institutions of the social and private sector that participate in the National Emergency Committee.

“For the attention of emergencies, we have a task force of 587,350 people, among armed forces, personnel from different federal government agencies, as well as 26,803 vehicles, between air and land units,” throughout the operation.

In the health sector, 519 specialized hospitals and clinics participated, with a capacity of 66,736 beds “for the attention of the consequences of an eventual natural disaster,” he said.

In Mexico City, a task force of 9,960 military elements participated by the National Defense Secretariat, 7,729 elements of the Navy, 582 members of the National Guard and 117,698 participants.

In addition, 2,964 vehicles of the federal government were used with 13,268 beds for the attention of any emergency.

This was the first of the three “macrosimulacros” that will take place during this year at the initiative of the head of the capital’s government, Claudia Sheinbaum and the National Civil Protection authorities.

Durazo considered “very satisfactory to have successfully completed this first stage of the drill, other stages continue in exercises, in real practices that will test the ability to coordinate when operating and articulate efforts in those previously selected sites.”

The National Emergency Committee assessed the response capacity of government agencies to coordinate actions in emergency and disaster situations that put the population and their assets at risk.

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